My eChanter project

My eChanter project

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I found the project on the net, and as I am already playing with Arduino, I decided to see how cheaply I could build an electronic chanter for. I used a copper rod for the finger touch sensors. It has an 18650 battery, with a step-up and charging module. The code on the eChanter site is good, I only had to modify it a little for my setup. For the body, I started off with a plastic sprinkler coupler, but in the end I went with a hobby enclosure for the housing. Twisting the thread on the sprinkler module messed up the wiring too much. The copper sensors work really well but is not perfect. If I were to do it again, I would add volume control and a headphone jack.

eChanter main site
The Mozzi sound library
5V step-up module
Arduino Nano compatible module

The end product

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