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In about 2001 I set up this domain and web site. I originally had a banal page dedicated to open source software, software testing and the intersection of the two, open source test tools. At the time I was a resident columnist at a trade publication called the TestFocus. I wrote for the magazine under the name ou_ryperd, and because I was a foaming-at-the-mouth Linux advocate, I used the moniker /home/ou_ryperd$ to resemble a Bash prompt. The name ou_ryperd came from my first testing job in 2001, where I was testing a system and I had several Afrikaans song-related user names. This one stuck, because I found the most bugs with it. The image was the accompanying graphic for my column, and was custom drawn by a retained artist for the mag. The company I worked for and the magazine are both long gone.

The site went through several phases, one of them as a personal wiki. Then, around 2008 I stopped maintaining it and eventually took it off line. I was instead spending my free time earning pocket money with technical writing instead. Late in 2018, as frustrated writer without an outlet I decided to reboot this site, mostly as a Groovy cheat sheet page, and here we are. This meta (about) page is a small relic of the distant past.

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Pages on this site:
Groovy for testers
VBScript for testers
Java shortcuts
SoapUI examples
Groovy-Selenium-Cucumber example project

A word on tools:
For reference, I use Eclipse with the groovy-eclipse plugin and the cucumber-eclipse plugin. The Netbeans example project on this site will require GeertjanW's Pure Groovy Project plugin. The HTML for this site, and a lot of other work I do, espaecially PHP and Python, is done with KomodoEdit.

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